Wool Hapad dancer pads distribute pressure away from the first MP joint.  Self-adhesive.  5/16" thick.  Sold in pairs.
The original Hapad.  Combines medial support and metatarsal arch support.  Self-adhesive.  Comes in a pair.
Wool Hapad metatarsal bars unload pressure under the metatarsal arch.  Self-adhesive.  Sold in pairs.  5/16" thick.
Wool Hapad metatarsal cookies are a wider metatarsal pad than the traditional met pads.  Self adhesive.  5/16" thick.  Sold in pairs.
These wool Hapad metatarsal pads relieve pressure under the metatarsal heads.  Self-adhesive.  Sold in pairs.
Traditional medial arch supports with 5/16" thickness.  Self-adhesive.  Sold per pair.
Hapad`s self-adhesive, wool felt heel grips fit snugly into any shoe to prevent blisters and relieve "pump bump".  Comes in a pair.