New Products

Three quarter length dress orthotic.  Made in Germany. 
Three quarter length dress orthotic.  Made in Germany.


A composite material made with carbon webbing and laminated with acrylic resins, which is suitable for applications that require a balance.  This composite material does not conduct heat and remains cool to the foot even during the most grueling conditions.  Moldable and grindable.


Three quarter length orthotic.  Made in Germany.


Constructed with an open-cell polyurethane foam specially designed for the use in the footbed.  Upper material is a microfiber suede-like fabric.


Comfo Cork insoles consist of 80% cork and 20% EVA. The cushioning properties correspond to those of cork.


Full length orthotic designed with a high flange for children and adults.


Constructed with an open-cell polyurethane foam and a brown microfiber suede-like cover.


Constructed with an open-cell polyurethane foam, which was exclusively developed for the fabrication of orthotics.  Provides perfect stress dispersion while performing day to day activities.
Three quarter length orthotic.  Made in Germany.
Three quarter length orthotic.  Made in Germany.
Constructed from polypropylene with a small metatarsal pad.
Pedag's Cork Protect is a water based polyurethane emulsion.
The Pedag Magic Step is a cushioned leather insole that adapts to individual pressure points and softly pads every step.  It is made from the finest breathable leather.  It is hygienic with extra soft memory foam.  It protects heels, ankles, hip, spine and neck.  Hand made in Germany.
This new leather foot support comes with a Memory Foam layer that individually adapts to the shape of the foot for optimal cushioning.  In addition, the insert is anatomically shaped in such a way that it supports the foot at the three most sensitive zones:  the forefoot (metatarsal pad), the longitudinal arch (arch support) and the heel (heel pad).  These elements redistribute the weight to shelter your joints and your spine.
Soft, luxurious feel with trusted Powerstep Support
The Pinnacle style is now available in Toddler and Youth sizes!  The Pinnacle Junior orthotics come with an encapsulated design that includes a firm but flexible support shell, built-in foot support, heel cradle for motion control and plush cushioning.  These arch support insoles increase stability and comfort in children's shoes.