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These posting strips, in either blue EVA or black EFM, are designed to suit your specific needs.  All have self-adhesive backing with a gradiation of 3° and are 2.5 x 14".


This 3/4 length insole is made of Microcell puff, an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam.  EVA is a wonderful shock absorber that is heat moldable and has excellent shape retention.  Temperature to customize:  200-250°F (1.5-2 minutes).
The Adjust-a-Lift is an effective solution for heel pain or related conditions.  Use "as is" for a 3/8" buildup or peel off individual 1/8" layers to obtain desired thickness (OK to reattach later if needed).  Can be used to balance leg-length discrepancies.  Universal construction fits right or left foot.  Camel colored faux leather cover over three layers of 1/8" sponge rubber. 
Simple, yet brilliant!  Our covered heel wedges feature a stiff, tan cover material over a red rubber heel straight.  Fits inside any shoe to correct hind foot valgus.  Sometimes called "Heel Straights."  Sold in pairs.
Wool tongue pads with self-adhesive backing.  Sold in packages of a dozen pairs.
Premolded red rubber scaphoid pads sold in a dozen pairs.
Red rubber heel wedges are used to correct hind foot valgus.  Sold per dozen pairs. 
Open cell, custom skived semi-firm sponge rubber.  Sold per pair.
These quality sponge rubber metatarsal pads have the traditional metatarsal shape and are ready to place. 
Precut sponge rubber scaphoid pads sold per dozen pairs.


The Comfo-Flex is a white polypropylene orthotic similar to what is used in the Powerstep insoles.  It can be easily adjusted with a heat gun.  Very reasonably priced, too.
Birkenstock Cork Sealer coats and protects cork footbeds to prolong the life of sandals. 
Tuli's patented, multi-cell, multi-layer waffle design absorbs shock and returns impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet.  The heel cups provide immediate heel pain relief by cushioning the area of pain and elevating the heel bone. 
Tuli's Gel Classic Heel Cups are made with TuliGEL.  TuliGEL is a specially formulated polymer that is lighter, softer and more resilient than the material used in other heel cups.  The unique character of TuliGEL, combined with Tuli's patented waffle design, provides the ultimate in shock absorption.
The ProThotics Motion Control has a metatarsal rise, as well as a structural stabilizer which promotes maximum stability, prevents pronation and rolling ankles, and helps to correct postural alignment. 
Ultimate performance insole for high impact sports.  The ProThotics Ultra Arch has a metatarsal rise, as well as a built in semi-rigid graphite insert.  Delivers firm yet flexible support.
The ProThotics Performance Sport has a metatarsal rise, as well as exceptional cushioning.
The ProThotics Pressure Relief has a metatarsal rise, as well as a Plastazote® top layer which molds to the shape of your foot, evenly distributing pressure in a hypoallergenic, anti-microbial environment.  Pressure Relief provides protection against diabetic ulceration and relief for arthritis and other foot sensitivities.
Self-adhesive backing keep these durable felt pads securely in place.  These cushions help stop pressure on sore spots, giving corns a chance to heal, and make walking or standing more comfortable.  Non acidic, safe for sensitive skin.  Scissor trimmable for a custom fit.  Contains 10 per package.
PediFix Callus Protectors are soft felt pads that protect calluses to stop pain and skin buildup.  They relieve pressure on sensitive areas and absorb shoe friction to make walking more comfortable.  Non-acidic.  Contains 8 per package.
Soft, molded latex foam Bunion Relievers straighten and align the big toe while walking to ease discomfort and irritation on the “bunion” joint.  Separates big toe from second toe.  Contains 2 per package.
Soft, foamy toe cushions gently separate crooked, overlapping toes to ease toe irritations.  Anatomically shaped to fit comfortably.  Washable.  Contains 6 per package:  2 small, 2 medium and 2 large.
PediFix Deep Healing Foot Cream™ is recommended for people with diabetes and sensitive feet.  Absorbs quickly to moisturize dry skin and soften calluses.  Helps to prevent irritation and cracking with urea and Vitamins A, D and E.  Non-greasy formula penetrates deep to revitalize tired feet. 
Since ancient times, tea tree oil has been used naturally as a disinfectant to fight germs.  FungaSoap® uses tea tree oil and other quality ingredients to bring you a unique body wash that cleans, moisturizes and protects your skin. 
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