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3/4 Length Insoles


A molded featherweight arch.  Excellent for sport, work and casual shoes.  Easily posted and adjusted.  Deep heel cup for great hind foot control.  All that is needed to adjust the Comfo-Arch is a pair of scissors and sand paper for the adjustments to the length some patients need.


The Comfo-Lite is a 3/4 length semi-rigid 3/8" 6# silver grey foam with blue cover.  It is very good for use with dress shoes, sneakers or when minimal displacement is a factor.  It is a very foot friendly orthotic.


This 3/4 length insole is made of Microcell puff, an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam.  EVA is a wonderful shock absorber that is heat moldable and has excellent shape retention.  Temperature to customize:  200-250°F (1.5-2 minutes).
"Casual" footbeds are designed for shoes with minimal or no heels.  They are ideal for athletic and flat casual shoes.  High flanges keep the feet from rolling inside the shoes and deep heel cups absorb shock.
"Heeled" footbeds have a pronounced metatarsal support to counterbalance the heel.  They also have flanges for side support.
BirkoClassic has an anatomically shaped footbed with a soft microfiber cover that offers excellent support.  It is the same mold as the Blue Footbed with adjustment bar.  Comes boxed, in POP packaging.  Wide width.
This shell can be used to help problems such as fallen arches and excessive pronation.  The high flanges support the cuboid area and provide stability.  Wide width.
This shell can be used to help problems such as fallen arches and excessive pronation.  The high flanges support the cuboid area and provide stability.  Comes in boxes suitable for POP display and sale.  Wide width.
BirkoBasic is made of a lightweight, flexible, washable EVA.  It can be heated and shaped.  It is easily ground and beveled.  The edges are soft for maximum comfort.  The deep heel cup cushions and protects the heel bone.  Wide width.
Unlined shells are recommended when adjustments to the upper side are necessary.  The metatarsal pads, combined with medial lateral flanges, help to relieve pressure in the bunion area.  Wide width. 
Designed with a deep heel cup to help support the cuboid area, this shell has a medium metatarsal pad and low flanges.  Wide width. 
This shell can be used to help problems such as fallen arches and excessive pronation.  The high flanges support the cuboid area and provide stability.  Wide width. 


The Comfo-Flex is a white polypropylene orthotic similar to what is used in the Powerstep insoles.  It can be easily adjusted with a heat gun.  Very reasonably priced, too.
The SlimTech 3/4 length insole has the same support as the full length Powerstep Original but with a slim fit for casual and dress shoes.
An excellent thin line support that will fit in shoes where minimal displacement is a must.  Ideal for dress flats, low heels and dress oxfords.  This support has a molded arch with a soft metatarsal pad.  Finally a support with absolutely minimal heel displacement.  Leather covered with a semi-rigid, heat moldable polypropylene longitudinal arch support.  This product comes in tan.


The Pedag Relax can be used with any sport or casual shoe.  The 3/4 length gives metatarsal support, arch support and heel cupping for a triple comfort effect, but leaves plenty of forefoot room.  Leather cover.


These soft, genuine leather insoles provide relief and protection for ball of foot discomfort.  They help protect sensitive areas of the foot and prevent callus buildup.  The 3/4 design allows freedom for the toes.  Self stick. 
The Comfort is a 3/4 length insert made of vegetable tanned leather specifically designed for severely spread feet.  The T-Form metatarsal pad prevents and alleviates symptoms of spread foot.  Extra soft heel padding provides more comfort.
The Bambini is a children`s arch support with a vegetable tanned cowhide cover.  Particularly elastic and flexible, it works as an excellent child`s insert.
Specifically designed to help control and balance the foot.  Stronger and more supportive than the arch cushion. 
Same long lasting insole material as the Comfort Insole but with an added soft arch cushion for extra comfort. 
Firm customizable support for dress shoes. Helps control, stabilize and balance the foot for tighter fitting shoes. Spenco material absorbs shock and reduces friction to improve overall foot comfort.


The Comfo-Arch with metatarsal support!  A very lightweight orthotic with a deep heel cup and ample flanges for great hind foot control and arch support.  It has a metatarsal elevation for midfoot support.  Great for plantar fasciitis and pronation. Works great in work shoes, sport shoes and comfort shoes.
Available only to the medical community!
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