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A molded featherweight arch.  Excellent for sport, work and casual shoes.  Easily posted and adjusted.  Deep heel cup for great hind foot control.  All that is needed to adjust the Comfo-Arch is a pair of scissors and sand paper for the adjustments to the length some patients need.
The Adjust-a-Lift is an effective solution for heel pain or related conditions.  Use "as is" for a 3/8" buildup or peel off individual 1/8" layers to obtain desired thickness (OK to reattach later if needed).  Can be used to balance leg-length discrepancies.  Universal construction fits right or left foot.  Camel colored faux leather cover over three layers of 1/8" sponge rubber. 


The Comfo-Lite is a 3/4 length semi-rigid 3/8" 6# silver grey foam with blue cover.  It is very good for use with dress shoes, sneakers or when minimal displacement is a factor.  It is a very foot friendly orthotic.
Made of medical grade poron, these metatarsal pads are ready to place.  Sold per dozen pairs.
These posting strips, in either blue EVA or black EFM, are designed to suit your specific needs.  All have self-adhesive backing with a gradiation of 3° and are 2.5 x 14".


This 3/4 length insole is made of Microcell puff, an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam.  EVA is a wonderful shock absorber that is heat moldable and has excellent shape retention.  Temperature to customize:  200-250°F (1.5-2 minutes).
Dual density Medicare approved.  Heat moldable.
Specially designed for turf toe or Morton's syndrome use.
Glass fiber composite inserts are easy to use as insole stiffeners, orthotics or any other application where a moldable product is needed. 
Simple, yet brilliant!  Our covered heel wedges feature a stiff, tan cover material over a red rubber heel straight.  Fits inside any shoe to correct hind foot valgus.  Sometimes called "Heel Straights."  Sold in pairs.
Wool tongue pads with self-adhesive backing.  Sold in packages of a dozen pairs.


The Comfo-Flex is a white polypropylene orthotic similar to what is used in the Powerstep insoles.  It can be easily adjusted with a heat gun.  Very reasonably priced, too.
These quality sponge rubber metatarsal pads have the traditional metatarsal shape and are ready to place. 
Red rubber heel wedges are used to correct hind foot valgus.  Sold per dozen pairs. 
Precut sponge rubber scaphoid pads sold per dozen pairs.
Black Adjust-a-Lifts are an effective solution for heel pain or related conditions.  Use "as is" for a 3/8" buildup or peel off individual layers to obtain desired thickness.  Universal construction fits right or left foot.  Black rubber with a brown suede cover.  Volume discount pricing available for purchase of 12-23 lifts and 24+ lifts.  Prices adjusted at time of invoicing.


This Compressive Support Ankle Brace is constructed of lightweight, breathable material with four way stretch.  The unique knitted pattern allows for greater vertical stretch.  This product is latex free and manufactured in the USA.  White with blue trim. 
Our Medi-Heel lifts are designed for the treatment of anatomical and physiological short leg deficiencies.  They are molded from a pliable, resilient, washable plastisol (not rubber) that is latex and allergy free.  
These carbon fiber spring plates are light as a feather and yet stronger than steel.  Contoured plates will not rock or break.  Available in 7 Men`s sizes for a more precise fit with little or no grinding which is a definite plus. 
Our poron anterior bars are excellent for the diabetic or arthritic foot.  Poron will not bottom out, giving a gentle support to the metatarsals or the sensitive foot.  These pads are mechanically shaped and skived for uniform preciseness.  
Open cell, custom skived semi-firm sponge rubber.  Sold per pair.
These heel wedges are made of plastisol which is latex and allergy free.


The Comfo-Arch with metatarsal support!  A very lightweight orthotic with a deep heel cup and ample flanges for great hind foot control and arch support.  It has a metatarsal elevation for midfoot support.  Great for plantar fasciitis and pronation. Works great in work shoes, sport shoes and comfort shoes.


Constructed with an open-cell polyurethane foam and integrated with a firm Hallux shell.  The top cover stretches and moves with patients` movements.  It contains a metatarsal pad and anti-bacterial properties.  Made in Germany.
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